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Bluebird Cafe Extravaganza!

Posted by on Sunday, December 8, 2013 in College Life, Food, Freshman Life, Nashville, Student Life.


Nick photo-bombing pretty hard on my view of Bluebird

So, pretty obviously, it was a great day. I had wanted to go for quite some time, but as many of you will know, the ability to get tickets is nearly impossible. Quite luckily for me, my friend’s dad was coming into town and had four Bluebird tickets, and I was invited!

The lineup!
Nick and I being excited about Bluebird

Bluebird Cafe is a really cool listening room in Nashville. The music is always great, and it really is one of the most famous Nashville locations.  There are only 90 seats, and it’s always always always packed to the max capacity.

Maybe most well-known for being the venue where Garth Brooks was discovered, Bluebird has seen so many famous faces walk through its doors.

On this particular night, “Women in the Round” was the theme! All the musicians playing were undiscovered women singer/songwriters. The talent was incredible!

Bluebird table

All four women were amazing vocalists and the lyrics were some of the most powerful I had heard in a long time. Each musician took her turn playing a song, inviting their guests to join them on stage, and telling anecdotes to provide some lyrical background.

I was mesmerized. This was just a great reminder as to how much talent Nashville truly has—especially undiscovered talent! I highly recommend checking out the Bluebird or any of the other undiscovered talent music venues in Nashville! You never when the next Garth Brooks will walk in!

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