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The New Alumni Hall

Posted by on Sunday, September 1, 2013 in College Life, General Information, Student Life.

In my time at Vanderbilt, Alumni Hall has never really been a consistent space. It had some offices and at one point, temporarily housed the Writing Studio. Last year, however, it was closed off and completely renovated. This past Friday, with the opening of the workout room, the renovation was officially complete!

This is a picture of Alumni Hall from January 2007

Now, Alumni Hall is full of different student spaces. In addition to the Writing Studio, which now has a permanent home, Alumni Hall will also be home to Arts and Science Tutoring. This tutoring service is free to all students. All you have to do is make an appointment! There are tons of study spaces, which I will definitely frequent, especially if it means that I can avoid the library. Between the reading room, the lounge and Davis Memorial Hall, there is always somewhere to study alone or in a group.

There is one brand new, high-tech classroom in Alumni Hall. I will probably never have a class in it, unfortunately, but its central location almost ensures that some great classes will be taught there. Maybe I can audit a class in it next semester just for the experience?

Alumni Hall also gives us students another dining option on campus. Bamboo Bistro serves Asian noodle bowls and Asian salads. I have not yet had the chance to eat there, but I have heard great things. Hopefully I will make it there this week.

Bamboo Bistro

Finally, my favorite part about the new Alumni Hall is the exercise room. It is so much closer to my dorm than the Rec and the machines are state of the art. I am so grateful that I no longer have to walk 15 minutes in the rain or snow to get in a good workout. I really believe that this exercise room is going to be a hot spot. I guess I should enjoy it while it is still the best kept secret on campus.

Overall, I think that the new Alumni Hall is a great new student space on campus and I cannot wait to see how we end up using it.

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