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What Now?

Posted by Erica Graff on Saturday, June 29, 2013

If I am being honest, my blogging has been quite sporadic this summer. I am usually a regular blogger and I try to set a posting schedule for myself each semester. Thus far this summer, however, I have been traveling, which has left me with inconsistent internet access. Both of my trips were absolutely amazing (thank you parents!), but now I am back stateside for the foreseeable future. There is only one thing left for me do to this summer: apply to medical school.

If you think that applying to undergrad is arduous, just wait until you apply to med school. First, there is a primary common application that you will fill out through AMCAS. This service is provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges and is very similar to the Common App which we all filled out for Vanderbilt. I thought that I would actually have to submit this while I was in Guatemala. Because of the unreliable internet access, I finished most of it before I left and trekked to a coffee shop a few times to work on it. The day before I was supposed to submit, I received an email notification that AMCAS opening would be delayed by a week due to tech issues. I was annoyed and relieved at the same time. At least I knew that I would absolutely be able to get on the internet and submit on the new opening date because I would be back home.

Luckily, I did not have to worry about my applications while I was in Europe with my family. AMCAS screens all applications before they send them off to the individual medical schools. When the medical schools receive your application, they review it and if they like you, they “invite you” to fill out a secondary application. This part is similar to the Common App Supplements (one of which Vanderbilt does not have, which is just another reason why I go to the best school in the country). Yesterday, the 28th of June, was the first day that the medical schools were supposed to receive our applications. Of course, due to technical difficulties again, this date has pushed back until July 5th. I am starting to get a little anxious, but for now the process is out of my hands.

After I receive and submit the secondaries, my work will be reviewed again. If the schools like me, they will invite me for an interview. After the interviews, I will be either accepted, rejected or placed on an alternate list.

Medical school applications have proven to be time-consuming, costly and stressful. I forgot to mention that the entire application process is rolling so it is in my best interest to complete each part as soon as I get it. Despite the stress, I am so excited to be starting this next chapter of my life and hopefully, some time soon, I can update you all on an acceptance.

Doctors in the Cath Lab at Vanderbilt University Medical School

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