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The First PreVU

Posted by on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 in Admissions, General Information, Summer.

On Monday, I experienced my very first PreVU day!  Since I’m new to working in the admissions office during the summer, I had never before experienced the magic that is PreVU.  For those of you lovely readers that have never heard of it before, it’s a program exclusively for rising high school seniors and their families. It gives students a chance to learn more about Vanderbilt first-hand–through various info sessions, a tour and current student panel, and Commons lunch!

I started my day bright and early at the parking garage where, along with another student worker, I happily directed arriving families to parking spots and the shuttles that would carry them across campus to the Student Life Center, where a majority of the programming took place.  After I completed my morning duties, I led one of the campus tours, guiding families across campus and ending up at the Commons Center, where we all enjoyed a deeeelicious lunch.  I was really nervous to lead one of the tours for PreVU since I’d never done it before, and I’m really new to the whole tour guiding thing in general, but I think it went well! (I’m biased though. You’d have to ask one of the families on my tour how I really did!)  I actually hadn’t eaten on the Commons since November, so my reunion with the pizza that is served there was quite a happy one.  (It also helped that it was free and I didn’t have to pack my lunch that day!)  After chatting with some families and answering many awesome questions about life here at Vanderbilt, I headed back to the admissions office, where yet another tour was beginning!

Just a beautiful picture from Alumni Lawn for you to enjoy.

Although it was a somewhat of a hectic day in that I didn’t really have much time to relax, I had a lot of fun! It was a great experience to be able to talk to families and to share with them how much I truly love Vanderbilt.  Being a tour guide has re-opened my eyes to what an amazing and unique place Vanderbilt is, and I learn new things every day!

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