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Guest Blog: A Bittersweet Ending

Posted by Ashlin Philip on Thursday, May 2, 2013

(From the perspective of someone who is already free from finals, I present to you a guest blog from a dear friend and fellow rising senior, Abigail Sutton.)

Wow! It’s incredible to think that I am officially a senior at Vanderbilt!  Time has gone by so fast and yet there is still much to be done my last year at college.  But first, I have to pack up everything and move out for the third year in a row. What fun.

The state of my apartment right now.

One would think that after doing this song and dance for 3 years, it would be no big deal to pack up a dorm room, but it does not get any easier!  Every year I accumulate more sorority t-shirts, more photos, and more books. But what has also been piling up since I stepped foot on campus are memories.  While packing up a dorm room can be exhausting, it’s been kind of fun.  I get to see old photos that have been buried in a drawer most of the year, tailgating stickers, show ticket stubs, and t-shirts. (Note: At Vanderbilt, you get SO many free t-shirts from various events hosted on campus, and we as college students make it our goal to get every one.)  I get to go through the year all over again and reflect on all the incredible new friends and memories I’ve made throughout my 3 years here.

Yea, haven't missed this too much.

While it is sad to leave Vanderbilt, I finally get to go home to Minnesota for the first time in 5 months.  Going home will be great, but I can’t say I’ve missed the snow and cold weather.  (And yes, it is snowing in Minnesota right now.)  But two weeks later, I’ll be on my way to Washington D.C. for my summer internship! I’ll be living one block away from the Supreme Court, right next to the monuments.  I’m looking forward to taking morning jogs by the Jefferson Memorial, studying for the MCAT next to Lincoln, and reading a good book by the Washington Monument.  This summer will be great working at my internship and getting the opportunity to explore our nation’s Capitol!

Yes, leaving Vanderbilt is hard every year.  Packing up another dorm room is not exactly my idea of a relaxing afternoon after finals.  It’s hard to say goodbye when all my friends go away to all their different internships, study abroad programs, and research positions.  But I know I’ll have an awesome summer in DC and Vanderbilt will be waiting for me when I come back.  I get to look forward to an amazing football season, catching up with friends, and making more incredible memories before I have to to pack it all up again for good in a year. But a phenomenal year, it will be.

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