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Pros & Cons of Late Exams

Posted by Eileen Robinson on Saturday, April 27, 2013

As I mentioned before, I have the second-to-last exam on Wednesday, so most people will have left campus by the time I’m done. Here’s a pros and cons list of chilling at Vandy til the very end of the semester.

Pro: All the food lines are really short! If I want a randwich (sandwich from Rand) right at noon, then I can get one within five minutes. Chicken tenders and fries from the Pub at 6 pm? Sure, it won’t take long. Grins for every meal? Why not, it’s healthy and won’t be super crowded at meal times anymore (this is actually what I plan on doing come Monday).

Con: When I want a study break, I can’t just text a friend and see if she wants to grab lunch or run to Target with me…because lots of my friends are already gone. I don’t blame them, because summer is the best time of year and might as well take advantage of it, but they could have at least hung around a few days to entertain me, right?

Pro: Popular study spots have also cleared out! My personal favorite, Baseball Glove Lounge, was packed last week and I honestly avoided it cause it was stressing me out. This morning, though, my friend Deanna and I found an open room and studied for the whole day completely unbothered. The random rooms in BBG are nice because you can have study groups meet there, as I plan to do tomorrow for Psychopharmacology.

Con: All those friends who are on summer break already keep posting about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I love the beach but I don’t love looking at pictures of the beach when I’m trying to study for a final worth 40% of my grade.

Pro: I get to hang out with all the seniors a teeeeny bit more before they graduate. Last night, we had a last hurrah with a senior who was an RA in Sutherland when I was a freshman, so it’s definitely weird to see him so grown up and making big decisions about where to attend medical school. Not to mention I get to see my Big from AOII some more (but luckily she’ll be working in Nashville next year!).

While the Pros may win on this list, I’m still ready for summer break…T-4 days!

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