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Big Brothers Big Sisters Update

Posted by on Monday, April 8, 2013 in College Life, Service.

Our take on Tetris

Even though I’m pumped for summer to start in T-1 month, I’m a little sad the school year is ending, more specifically the school year at Cameron Middle School. My little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters goes to school there now but will entering high school in the fall, so we will have to close our match.

When I joined BBBS two years ago, I remember the Site Based Specialist, Nicole, asking me what age I’d like my little to be…and I had no idea. In my mind, I could color/play games with young kids or do teenager-things with older ones. She also asked if I’d rather a little brother or little sister, and once again I thought I could get along with either. Never would I have imagined that Nicole would find the perfect little for me, especially when I had no idea what I wanted.

Of course, Nicole introduced me to Liz, a seventh-grader, and we talked for an hour straight (we barely even took breaths). We’re both open and talkative, and many a time have we argued about the cutest member of One Direction. She’s basically the cooler version of me in middle school.

One of the best parts of the program is that I’ve visited Liz for an hour each week for the past two years, so I seriously feel like I’ve gotten to see her grow up. There have been changes in friend groups, crushes, even hairstyles. When I studied abroad last semester, Nicole set up an emailing system between Liz and me so we could still keep in touch (and I sent her lots of pics!). When I first saw her this semester, I was so impressed by how much she’d matured and didn’t sweat the small stuff anymore. These last few months have been great doing homework, playing Sorry, and of course, talking. While I’m sad that I won’t be able to visit her at high school next year, we’ve already planned to follow each on Twitter, Instragram, and Facebook, so I’m not worried about losing her as a friend.

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