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The Deed is Done

Posted by on Saturday, March 2, 2013 in Academics, College Life, General Information, Nashville, Professors, Student Life.

It is finally done. It is finally official. Back in November, I said I was going to declare my major “in a few weeks.” Turns out I lied, but I finally got around to making everything official.

Anyways, I finally declared my major. Some may say that I procrastinated since the due date to declare majors is the day before Spring Break… which happens to be the day I turned in all my forms. However, I like to think that I have been spending all these days contemplating what steps I want to take in my path towards medical school. It was either Chemistry or Biology. Currently I have been taking Organic Chemistry and Biology at the same time so that gave me a good way to compare between the two. Back in November I said I picked Biology but I had some second thoughts so it took a little longer to make it all for real.

In the end, I did go with Biology as the material that you learn in Biology appealed to me more and I really enjoyed learning about how the human body functions as a whole. I may also be biased since I’ve been working in a Biology lab for the past year but, all as a whole I’m glad with the decision I have made.

I got assigned to a major adviser, Professor McCauley, and I will be looking at him for guidance for the next few years of my college career. I must say that he looks a lot like Dr. John Hammond (the guy from Jurassic Park). I’m excited to meet with him especially since he is going to be teaching the second half of my Biology class after Spring Break.

Although I didn’t get my picture taken in front of Kirkland like I hoped, it was still a momentous moment nonetheless.

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