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SPOTSpring Break

Posted by on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 in Blair School of Music, Rites of Spring, Service.

I totally stole that title from all the ASB-ers out there. It doesn’t work quite as well when there are five letters instead of three, but it does get the point across–today, I have the privilege of sharing where I spent my Spring Break: Dallas, TX on SPOTS! If you’ve followed me from the very beginning, you’ll know that I’ve been on quite a few SPOTS trips. I just can’t not go on them–they’re always the perfect combination of missions, service, and community. Our trip to Dallas was no exception–other than the airport, I had never been in the great state of Texas, so this trip was quite exciting (Spoiler alert for those of you who have never been: Everything really is bigger in Texas.)

The Dallas skyline on a cloudless day.

While in Dallas, we had the opportunity to work with three different and amazing organizations. The first was Mission Arlington, which works in the Arlington area with over 200 apartment complexes to meet their needs and host VBS events, cookouts, bible studies and more! We were able to help with just a few of the massive number of things they do in the community.

We also worked with Beautiful Feet, an organization that serves the homeless in Dallas. We had the chance to serve food, lead a worship service, and talk with the people who came to get food the day we were there and find out more about their lives.

Finally, we worked with Cornerstone Baptist Church. Here we also helped serve food to the homeless, and aided in some renovations and trash clean-up at apartment complexes they had bought and were making livable.

Pre-sunrise shot of the whole group.

Overall, it was amazing to see the heart these organizations had for the people in their community even as they approached their communities in different ways. Though we were only there for a week, it was nice to know we were able to help ease their load a little–and to do so alongside the amazing BCM community I’ve found here at Vanderbilt made the entire trip even more memorable. I only have two more SPOTS trips after this before I graduate, so I’m already starting to get a little sentimental about it all.

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