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Winter is Coming…

Posted by on Thursday, December 13, 2012 in General Information.

(If you got the reference of the title…you are a winner….a winner in the way that Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are winners at life).

For a long time, I was in denial. I was in denial about winter. Being so far down south, I thought I could escape winter. I don’t think you understand…I come from a place where the coldest place is the back of my freezer. Needless to say, nature has won over and winter has come to the south. In it’s defense, it has held out for quite a while. (For your own reference, it was 70F last week and I was wearing shorts!)

Brekenridge, CO. The first time in snow!

As soon as the temperature goes below 50 F, I walk everywhere, even in my dorm, wearing my fluffy jacket covered in fur, drinking peppermint tea and other seasonal drinks at obscene degrees that would make even the greatest hot beverage aficionado cringe. I loose myself under layers of blankets and go into a type of hibernation.

Still, all this cold has made me recall the first time I saw snow, and it is a wonderful trip down memory lane (in spite of all the cold weather). Over Thanksgiving Break last year, I visited my roommate, Savanna, and her precious family in the magical land of Colorado. They don’t stop reminding me that my first reaction to snow was to grab handfulls of it and stuff my face into it only to proceed by pummeling everyone around me with snowballs. If you haven’t noticed, I’m new at this…

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