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The life of a Peabody student during finals week

Posted by on Thursday, December 13, 2012 in Academics, College Life, Exams, Food, Peabody College, Student Life, Winter Break.

Here is Dexy and I setting out on our adventure. I was a bit distracting by driving, I'll admit. :)

Vanderbilt has an intriguing finals atmosphere: students meander around on 0-2 hours of sleep per night, moving from a test to the library and just maybe stopping for coffee in between.  When you’re a Peabody student, however, your life tends to be a bit different come finals week.  Instead of toiling away to prepare for a seemingly-impossible test, you write papers.  And if you’re an on-top-of-it Peabody student, you might get those papers done before they’re due.  I was lucky because all of my papers and presentations were for the 10th of December–almost the first day of finals.  I’m only still wandering Vandy’s campus because of my acting exam on the very last day: Saturday the 15th.  While it sucks to be trapped here with just one exam looming over my head, it’s also a blessing because I get to explore the many joys of college life.

Joy #1: Sleeping in to obscenely late hours.

Joy #2: Watching movies until even more obscene hours.

Joy #3: Christmas shopping at the bookstore (can anyone say Vanderbilt merchandise sales?)

Joy #4: Wandering from study break to study break, stocking up on free coffee, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Maggiano’s, etc.

Joy #5: Leisurely preparing for my final exam.

Joy #6: Catching up with old friends you haven’t seen all semester because of busyness.

Joy #7: Getting to organize your schedule and textbooks for the following semester without waiting in mile-long lines.

Joy #8: Getting to go out with Dexy again on our second Target adventure of the year (read her blog post about it!)

Joy #9: Getting to attend the Hobbit midnight premiere!

Joy #10: Writing to all of you fine folks. :)

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!

…Until next semester!

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