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Catch-Up With Victoria and Nathan: Part IX

Posted by on Thursday, December 13, 2012 in Admissions Links, College Life, Creative Writing, General Information.

Many moons ago, I arrived at school a fresh-faced and wide-eyed junior, oblivious to the challenges I would face academically, physically and otherwise. I wrote the following post to talk about one of the first things I did at Vandy this year, training the new crop (now seasoned veterans) of Inside ‘Dores. As the semester winds down and I get to start looking ahead to the spring semester recruitment for our tight-knit blogging group, what better way to reminisce than with a historical document?


This beautiful Tuesday evening, I was privileged to spend time with my closest friends, the Inside ‘Dores team. Having been chosen for the position of Recruitment Chair last spring, I was brought into the inner sanctum of admissions and initiated as a member of the Inside ‘Dores exec board, which meant that this Tuesday, I got to pretend I have some sort of exclusive knowledge and upperclassman ability. As I sweated, fumbled and joked my way through seven slides on using WordPress, the only thing that kept me going was the special bond I share with the veterans of Inside ‘Dores, the experienced elite.

Honestly, though, I really enjoyed the training for its context. It was preceded by a pizza dinner with the admissions counselors to make sure that the bloggers, who are representing the school on the widest frontier possible, and the counselors, who travel the country (and the world) to convince high-schoolers to attend Vanderbilt, are on the same page. Having met and spoken with some of these fine men and women, I feel at least slightly qualified to encourage you to contact your own counselor! They’re some very smart, very helpful and highly amusing people worth getting to know.


Back to the present! As you read through the blogs on Inside ‘Dores, I hope you get to know the students behind the stories. It’s been a privilege for me to become friends with even a few of my fellow bloggers, and I know I’ve learned things about Vanderbilt and about my classmates and peers simply by reading the posts alongside my own. Next semester we’ll be adding a few new voices, and even more next year when we have to replace our awesome seniors – I’m excited, and you should be, too!

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