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Caitlyn’s Catch-Ups: Teeth Troubles

Posted by on Thursday, December 20, 2012 in College Life, Food, General Information, Winter Break.

Catch-Ups Part 6: wisdom teeth edition.  Last Wednesday night, I packed up my things for home, and Thursday morning I set off for the airport to start my journey back to California! (With some trepidation, I might add, since my mom announced to me on Wednesday morning that I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. Surprised doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt.)

After a long day of travelling, I finally made it home about an hour later than anticipated, and made an obligatory stop at In-n-Out on the way home from the airport.  One cheeseburger and a whole lot of french fries later, I decided to calm my pre-wisdom teeth extraction nerves by going to bed.

In-n-Out. delicious.

*A relevant side note: I worry about everything.  Literally everything.  I’m working on it, really, I am.

Everyone always told me that getting my wisdom teeth removed would be nothing to worry about, blah blah blah, but the worrier in me couldn’t help but imagine all of the worst possible scenarios (with no help from the Internet, believe me).  The next day, I went to that oral surgeon’s office feeling like I was walking to my doom, and all my mom did was laugh at me because I was being overdramatic–but overdramatic was how I was feeling!  After getting my teeth removed, I remember very little–for example, when I got out of the car at home, my shoes were off, but I couldn’t remember who took them off, or when–according to my mom, I took my own shoes off–and any texts I attempted to send were garbled and strange (my hands wouldn’t cooperate!).  After a few hours of sleeping though, I woke up to various texts from my friends still in Nashville inquiring about my teeth and wanting to know whether or not I looked like a chipmunk (I didn’t).

It made me feel so good knowing that my friends were thinking of me in the midst of their finals, since they knew how worried I was about getting my wisdom teeth removed.  It really made me appreciate the great friendships I’ve made since I’ve been at Vanderbilt, and reminded me how much I’m looking forward to seeing all of my friends again for a new semester in January!

Also, getting my wisdom teeth out was nearly painless! Since they were already mostly grown in, I didn’t even need stitches when they removed them, and I ate real food the next day!  Now it’s just a pain to keep the sockets clean, but I’ll live.

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