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The Package Line 2: The Streets

Posted by on Monday, October 29, 2012 in Academics, Books, College Life, Freshman Life, General Information, Student Life.

This January, I wrote a sad blog about the realities of the package line after breaks. Despite their best efforts at moving students through, the package window was besieged by horrible lines due to the number of students shipping books and home items to Vandy. Apparently Inside ‘Dores is really the pulse of the student body, because I walked down to the campus post office today two months ago to find a freshly renovated package window and no line.

There have been a number of completed/in-progress renovations to discover in the first week of school (like the massive Kissam renovation going on right outside my window every morning CLANK CLANK), but I had completely forgotten that the post office would be a part of this whole business. It was a pleasant surprise, for sure, if slightly unsettling. To give you an idea of how it felt to look down the tranquil, empty mail room at a welcoming window, here’s a picture of the Parthenon that I took this spring (to clarify, I took the Parthenon, not the picture).

With vintage phone camera effects for extra emotion.

This post is basically a gigantic thank you note to the Vanderbilt Mail Services. You heard the cries of the student body as they angrily eyed one another in the hour-long line for textbook deliveries, and you answered them with an awesome and efficient renovation. The post office looks bright, new, clean, and works super quickly! Sounds like a great reason to come to Vanderbilt to me.

As a sort of addendum to this post for curious students or prospective students, the Vanderbilt Post Office/Mail Center is home to a majority of the mailboxes for the student body, a package pick-up window, and a USPS-staffed mailing window for sending packages, purchasing stamps and packaging materials, and other such things. There’s also a handy-dandy mailbox for outgoing USPS and on-campus mail! (Writing letters is the bomb (Is it unwise to use the “b” word in a post about mail? (nested parentheses))).

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