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Fourth Fridays Return!

Posted by on Monday, October 8, 2012 in College Life, Music, Student Life, Traditions.

If you all weren’t aware, I’m a pretty big Melodores fan. I’ve written about their performances before, and I attended the ICCA South Semifinals which were held here at Vandy. I’m also a pretty big fan of supporting fellow bloggers in their endeavors and a week from this past Friday I was able to combine both of those!

Every fourth Friday of the month, Sarratt Lounge hosts a performance group and has free coffee, smoothies, and snacks. For this inaugural Friday, the Melodores, Vanderbilt’s internationally-recognized male a cappella ensemble performed and the place was packed! When I say packed, I mean that I was literally sitting outside, listening/watching through an open door because there was essentially no room indoors.

The Melodores gave an excellent performance, and it’s always fun to hear the new first years sing as well. We’ve had several Melodores blog here on Inside ‘Dores and several blogs about various Melodore events, which brings me to part two of my attending 4th Fridays: to support our very own Nathan Hall, a Vanderbilt Melodore.

What follows is a gallery of photos from the evening, mainly focused on our fellow blogger singing. They were compiled by fellow blogger Caitlyn and myself, along with the help of a few audience members sitting in other places inside (we have resources). Please enjoy the uniquely stalkerish quality of the ones we took from where we were sitting outside, and make sure if you ever go to a Melodores concert, you cheer extra loudly for Nathan.

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