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And I’m Off!

Posted by on Monday, September 10, 2012 in General Information, Study Abroad.

After weeks of packing, dozens of trips to Target, and triple-checking the weight of my bags (one is 46 pounds while the other is 32…at least they’re under 50!), I’m finally flying to London!

My final packing job...and yes, those are Uggs and I know everyone thinks they're ugly but they're too comfy to leave behind

I leave Knoxville at 1:30 pm, arrive in Newark around 3:30 pm, leave Newark around 6:30 pm, and land in London at 6:45 am.…GOOD THING I’M A MORNING PERSON, cause going through customs/navigating the city that early is going to be rough. I’m planning on sleeping as much as possible on the flight but I’m also okay with chugging three cups of coffee (or tea!) my first day there. I’ve never actually had to deal with jetlag before so this should be interesting…WISH ME LUCK :)

Where I’m about to spend the next 3+ months:

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