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Tax Free Weekend

Posted by on Sunday, August 5, 2012 in General Information, Jobs, Summer.

Tax Free Weekend marks a glorious, three-day holiday when sales tax on Back to School items becomes obsolete, which makes it the most perfect time to buy a computer. In fact, that is when I bought this Mac very I’m typing on 2 years ago!

In Tennessee it always falls on the first weekend in August, and for a store like MacAuthority, it’s our Christmas. Our store was even featured in our local newspaper, the Chattanooga Times Free Press. It was neat having cameras flashing and interviews going down amidst the swarm of shoppers.

While this was probably one of the most chaotic weekends in my career as a Mac Solutions Specialist thus far, it was surprisingly a lot of fun! We had all of our staff working at once, so it was great interacting with the whole team. Also, working in a store that is surrounded on 2 sides by floor to ceiling windows (ironic, no?) and has prime location at the main Food Court entrance of our mall means that the constant crowd in our store basically did our advertising for us.

No pictures to show from the marathon, unfortunately, so just imagine several sharp Apple Product Professionals surrounded by masses of consumers and bringing smiles to the faces of many, one Apple at a time.

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