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Almost back to the grind…

Posted by on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 in Books, College Life, Freshman Life, Housing, Movies, Nashville, Student Life, Summer, Traditions.

This post comes to you from the common room of my apartment-style dorm back at Vandy! I moved in on Saturday, and in true Vanderbilt style, a plethora of things have happened since.

My room for the next year. I'm on the top bunk!

The move-in process was fairly painless. It commenced with a warm greeting from some of my most favorite people, including fellow bloggers Victoria and Caitlyn! The entire Philip clan was here to bring and unload most of my things and then bid me farewell until I see them next weekend when I go back home for my sister’s 23rd birthday! (NOTE: Even though there is only a 2 hour travel distance between “home” and “home away from home” too much happens on campus to want to miss a weekend! But my sister is always the exception, of course.) Going back home allows me to grab those items that I inevitably forgot, such as my pillows. Yes, I know that’s insane. It’s times such as this that make me thankful there is a Target just 10 minutes away.

On Sunday, I rejoined the Nashville church family at Green Hills Church for their 9am service and essentially hung out with friends all day until I had to go to a tour guide meeting before the traditional Founder’s Walk! For those of you who don’t know, Founder’s Walk is a time when all of the first-year students come walking down from the Commons onto the main campus with their respective Houses, and the Upperclassmen form a long tunnel of awesome “Welcome to Vanderbilt” spirit as they approach the area where they will sit and listen to the Chancellor’s welcome speech! It acts as the first exposure to a few of the organizations or groups on campus, and is complete with banners, cheering, and (if you’re lucky) candy!

This isn't even all of the books I've ordered...

Yesterday, I finished putting up all the pictures in my room, gathered my stack of books that were waiting for me in the mailroom, and participated in a spontaneous game of beach volleyball at the rec. I LOVE that living so close to the rec means that those spontaneous games will be more frequent. I then hung out with more friends until it was time to head over to the Commons to watch “The Hunger Games” as it was projected onto a large screen on the Commons lawn. I ended the day hanging out with a few more friends before it was time to call it a night.

I told you! It’s been a stacked couple of days, filled with lots of much-needed catching up. And luckily, I still have one day left of blissful freedom from academic responsibilities!

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