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How I Stay Sane Through Finals

Posted by on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 in College Life, Exams, General Information, Music.

It’s a stressful time of year, no doubt. However, I have a few habits and tricks that tend to keep me sane during finals.

First, I prefer to have music as opposed to pure silence. The silence is distracting to me.
I prefer instrumental, calm, beautiful music; words in songs especially distract me. Here are a few of my favorite playlists (and I can’t believe I’m sharing them with you):
Playlist one, playlist two, playlist three.

Also, if I’m reading literature or writing a paper I like to be sitting in a chair at a desk. If I’m in my bed, it is almost certain that I’ll get distracted or just fall asleep! And since most of the tests that you’ll be taking will be while sitting at a desk, it is best that you study at a desk. This is because (as I learned in my Psychology 101 course this semester– hooray for useful knowledge!) when you sit down at the desk to take your exam, your sensory memory will hopefully kick in, and you will be able to recall the topics that you studied while also sitting at a desk. The setting and posture should make it easier to retrieve information. So, keep that in mind!

Next, I cannot study in places that are dead silent either. Now, this is a personal preference. So, if you enjoy silence and cannot concentrate anywhere else, that’s perfectly fine, too! I typically study in Rand, the dining hall; the Commons Center; or Sarratt Student Center. These places are busy and are open 24/7.

Lastly, snacks are essential! Some Munchie Marts are open 24/7, but if not, one must plan accordingly.  There is almost nothing worse than trying to study while you’re hungry.  Vanderbilt also has free coffee days and study break nights with games and food. Those are life-savers!

Hopefully you’ll figure out what keeps you sane during finals. Because when things get stressful, even the littlest things work wonders!

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