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Home is Where the Heart Is: New Housing Next Semester!

Posted by on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 in Housing, Parking, Student Life.

My roommate and I excitedly opted to live in Vanderbilt’s newest building–Blakemore–next semester!

Because they are knocking down Kissam this summer (it was time, trust me), housing was naturally going to be tight for the next couple years. To combat this, Vanderbilt bought out and renovated a local senior living location.  It is next to the Police Station and the McGugin Center–about a ten minute walk from Sarratt.

I was in the area the other day and decided to walk by.  It looked really quaint! Not to mention there was lots of parking, and the neighborhood was quiet.

My roommate and I picked to live in Blakemore for several reasons (and maybe you will do the same sometime, too!):
-We lived in Branscomb this past year. The location was great, but we wanted a change.  Also, the crowd that lives in Branscomb just wasn’t our type of crowd. It was fun, but it was time to move on.
-Cole (the all-girls, all-singles dorm) seemed like it would be a long-shot. We knew lots of people that were going to apply to Cole. Also, Cole doesn’t have a laundry room– this was basically a deal-breaker.
-Towers wasn’t all that appealing to us; Vandy/Barnard didn’t wow us either.

But more than all of these reasons, we were attracted to Blakemore, because it was new and supposed to have a beautiful courtyard.  Also, Blakemore is going to have a laundry room, an elevator (something we didn’t have in Branscomb), and private bathrooms (we wanted a change from communal bathrooms).

Now, just because these other locations weren’t for us does not mean that they won’t be for you!  I have friends in all of those other locations that adore their place.  However, Blakemore just seemed like the best fit for our Junior year (Juniors?? Wow). Quiet, secluded, new, fun, and quaint.
I hope I can make it into a home away from home! Come visit me sometime!

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