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Mentor TENNISsee

Posted by on Sunday, March 18, 2012 in College Life, Service.

This past year I have started volunteering with an organization called Mentor TENNISsee. Through this program, I tutor students from LEAD Academy and teach them how to play tennis.

The other volunteers and I work with the students on homework, teach them to play tennis, and promote dialogue about making healthy choices. I have really enjoyed working with the kids. Seeing them improve both with their school work and on the tennis court has been extremely rewarding. I have seen the positive impact this program has had on their self-esteem. I have developed close relationships with a number of the students in the program.

Mentor TENNISsee is one of dozens of service opportunities available at Vanderbilt. I am consistently impressed with Vandy students’ commitment to service. Regardless of what your passion is, there is almost certainly a service organization available on campusfor you to get involved with. And if not, students are more than encouraged to start their own organizations. In fact, one of my best friends is in the process of founding a new service organization on campus dedicated to providing clean water to the developing world.

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