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Busting through the Finish Line; or, My End of the Year Wrap Up

Posted by on Friday, December 9, 2011 in Academics, College Life, General Information.

This semester has undoubtedly been one for the books.  Multiple changes of majors, a complete change of requirements, dropped courses, favorite courses, and another finished semester!

Looking back from where I am now, I’d say this semester is what it is. Just as with other semesters in the past, I’m happy to put this one behind me and have a fresh start.

I began with seventeen hours (I’m ambitious..): Math 150, Women’s and Gender Studies 250W, Accounting 140, Spanish 102, and History 183.  Immediately math became a problem for me just as it always had been in the past. After countless arguments with my mother, sleepless nights, a few tears, and several meetings with department heads and advisers, I dropped calculus.  Soon after I decided to drop pre-med, too. Happier times (and higher grades) ensued!

Having this additional free time (and additional brain space!), I was now able to concentrate on my other courses (and repair the damages I’d caused in those classes thus far).  Things honestly went very smoothly for the rest of my semester; I have been much more stressed out in my life.  I was an actor in VUT‘s The Green Bird and worked tech for Original Cast‘s fall show, Fingerprints. I was even able to make it to church a few times– something of which I’ve been particularly proud.

This year is ending well. I believe I’ll end with Bs in most of my classes, but there are still one or two finals standing in the way of my ultimate grade and GPA.

My favorite class this semester was Professor Katherine Crawford‘s History 183: History of Sex and Gender in the Western Tradition to 1700.  This class isn’t for the easily offended or extremely conservative.  Beginning with Greco Roman mythology all the way to– well– 1700, this class explores the formation, opinions, and intersection of sex and gender into society in Western Civilization.  This course talked about religion, medicine (which is why it is eligible for MHS), law, deviance, and more! Crawford is energetic and astoundingly well versed and well read.  She has endless amounts of funny (and often disturbing) anecdotes to tell, and she’ll often bring the entire class candy as motivation.  Crawford is offering a continuation of 183 in the spring. It is (quite predictably) History 184: History of Sex and Gender in the Western Tradition since 1700. I’m enrolled in the class and couldn’t be more pumped!

Wish me luck on finals. The next time you hear from me, I’ll be blogging from the comfort of my mother’s couch back home. :)

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