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You’re Listening to WRVU Nashville

Posted by on Sunday, November 20, 2011 in College Life, Communications, Extracurriculars, Freshman Life, General Information, Music, Nashville, Student Life.

Hey there Nashville. It is 9 o’clock pm and you are now listening to 91 Across on WRVU Nashville. This is DJ Una with DJ Emily also in the house and we’re going to start you off this week with….

One very cool extracurricular activity at Vanderbilt is being a DJ. That’s right, a DJ. I don’t mean that I’m spinning records at clubs every week, instead I host a radio show every Monday night from 9-10pm with my co-DJ friend Emily.

“WRVU” are the call letters for Vanderbilt’s radio station. Though they follow regulations for the broadcast license, they have also been known to stand for We aRe Vanderbilt University. Though WRVU no longer functions as an FM radio station, it is still a student communications organization on campus that fosters love for alternative (aka non top-40) music, dancing, and professional on-air DJ-ing.

My radio show, 91 Across, is the brain child of Emily and my love for crosswords. We had already decided that we wanted to co-DJ together and decided to incorporate our hobby. The “91,” stands for the old FM signal of WRVU, which was 91.1 FM and “Across” refers to crossword puzzle clues. We give out clues on-air and reward callers who know the correct answer with a song request. Though our community listeners have gone down since the sale, we still are comforted by calls from family and friends streaming us online at

If you’re interested in becoming a DJ, you go through one semester of training during which you shadow a DJ, program (review) 10 CDs, and take a written and hands-on test. It’s not too difficult, but it does require you to remain dedicated to the station and staying in the know about how to run a show.

It’s tight-knit community of friends and music-lovers as well as a place I like to be at least once a week, while I can relax in the studio and share music I love with the world.

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