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Food, festivities, and free stuff

Posted by on Sunday, November 13, 2011 in College Life, General Information, Student Life.

Fridays are marvelous. They’re probably my favorite day of the week because I only have two classes, the first of which isn’t until 11am and because there are always fun things going on. This last Friday was particularly excellent.

First, I woke up extremely early (8am) to head over to the new bookstore for its grand opening. I’d already been to the bookstore many times (maybe not quite as many as Nathan) but the grand opening promised free coffee and mug, as well as a performance by the Melodores. It certainly did not disappoint in any of these areas.

The Melodores performing at the grand opening.

After caffeinating myself to the melodious tunes of the Vanderbilt Melodores, I headed over to Grins for breakfast with a friend. I had not had the opportunity of eating breakfast at Grins yet this year, and I have realized that I’ve been missing out– I had a red pepper and feta quiche that was delicious, and Grins is on meal plan which is wonderful.

After that I went to class and then met up with friends later for lunch. That evening, as I unlocked the door to my dorm room, I found my room decorated with streamers and balloons and my friends hiding inside! They surprised me by sneaking into my room and decorating for my birthday which is over break. After that we all grabbed some dinner and then went to the basketball game–yet another wonderful Friday!

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