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A List of Things to do During Thanksgiving Break

Posted by on Friday, November 25, 2011 in Food, General Information, Thanksgiving Break, Traditions.

– Unfortunately, working on work for the following week makes the list. It’s hard to totally forget about the week ahead without realizing that finals are on a couple of weeks away. While this is not something I want to be doing over my break, it will be better for me in the long run!

– Hanging out with old friends from high school, catching up, and sharing college experiences from different schools has become one of the things I look forward to doing over the Thanksgiving Break. I must say, Vanderbilt allows me more time to prepare my stories since most of my friends only get a portion of the week off for the break while Vanderbilt students enjoy the full week off from school.

– Raking leaves has become a seasonal chore over the Thanksgiving Break at my house. At this time of year in Alabama, most of the leaves are on the ground ready to be raked and moved towards the street before and taken away. This usually happens early in the week resulting  in some moans or groans and a blister or two here and there.

-A good home-cooked Thanksgiving meal complete with all the essentials is one of the best parts of the break, characteristic of the holiday season. It is one of those meals you brace yourself for days beforehand in anticipation of how full you are going to be after the fact. I have always been a fan onion pie, a regular at our table during Thanksgiving and everyone’s favorite, pumpkin pie.

– No Thanksgiving break is complete without some football. There are your traditional contests Thanksgiving day in Detroit and Dallas featuring NFL teams and then there is the Iron Bowl, the yearly matchup between two of the most bitter rivals in all of college football; Alabama and the Auburn Tigers. The matchup this year features the past two BCS National Championship teams as well as the teams who have had players who have won the past two Heisman Trophies. This has always been an intense rivalry but the recent success of both programs has elevated the rivalry to a whole new level. The matchup will be nationally televised by CBS and begins at 2:30 central time.

– Family. It’s always great to get to spend some quality time with the family over Thanksgiving Break. While it’s sad to say goodbye there are only three weeks until the end of the semester. You’ll see them again in no time!

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