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Family Weekend and Another Football WIN

Posted by on Saturday, September 17, 2011 in Athletics, College Life, General Information, Student Life.

In case you haven’t heard, Vanderbilt football won again! They tore the Old Miss Runnin’ Rebels apart, and won by score of 30 to 7. The Runnin’ Rebels’ only points came with under three minutes left to play. And oh yeah, it’s Family Weekend!Needless to say, campus is busy! Family weekend is a great time to go shopping and eat at nice restaurants. But, even if your parents left you ‘orphaned’ and didn’t make the trip, (*cough* mom and dad), there are plenty of things fun events happening on campus.

In my parents defense, parents weekend is crowded. The hotels and flights are expensive and the trip from Miami is not necessarily as easy as the trip for some other families.  Most of my friends parents didn’t make the trip either. So together, my friends and I have taken advantage of our amazing school.

Last night, many of my friends went to the Taylor Swift concert. Though I didn’t go, I did take the free Vanderbilt shuttle to downtown to grab a bite at Jack’s Barbecue. I also stopped by Vanderbilt Hillel for Shabbat.

Today, we went to the football game. Have I mentioned that we won?! It was a great game and the crowd was loud and proud. After the football game, things quieted down as families recovered before a night out in Nashville.

Tomorrow, as families leave and Vanderbilt life returns to normal, my friends and I will finally start the homework that we have been putting off since Thursday.


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