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We’re Number One!

Posted by on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 in College Life, Extracurriculars, Freshman Life, Greek Life, Student Life.

According to, Vanderbilt University has the Number One Fraternity/ Sorority scene in the nation! These rankings, compiled by Princeton Review, will be published in their 2012 edition of The Best 376 Colleges. Some of you may be appalled by this award, but quite frankly, Greek life truly makes Vanderbilt unique, even if you choose not to partake.I decided not to rush, therefore, I am not in a sorority. I felt that joining a sorority would be a huge time commitment and I would rather spend that time doing other things. With that being said, most of my friends are Greek (about 50% of undergraduate women are) and all of these friends absolutely love their sororities.

The really nice thing about Greek life at Vanderbilt is pledging does not begin until the second semester of freshman year. (Of course, if you decide during your sophomore year, that greek life is in fact for you, you can rush and pledge at that time.) All first-year students are required to spend the fall semester of their first year with no Greek affiliation. This enables the Commons community to fully form and discourages segregation.

During rush, many of my friends started going their separate ways. They all joined the sororities which fit them best. Despite these different paths, we all remained best friends. Each of my friends made new friends in their sororities but never failed to make time for their old ones. It actually worked out really well for me because my old friends have introduced me to their new friends.

Essentially, whether you choose to go Greek or not, Vanderbilt is still an amazing, welcoming place.

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