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Mayfield Orientation

Posted by on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 in College Life, Freshman Life, Housing.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m living in a Mayfield next year. We had our Mayfield Orientation tonight, which consisted of ice-breaking, team building, and elections, not to mention delicious catered food.

First, groups of five met their R.A. for next year, and then competed against the other groups in an “ice breaker.” We had to list as many songs as we could that had the word “baby” in the title in 90 seconds. After completing that task, we learned that we had to sing the chorus of each song until only one group still had songs left. Needless to say, our rendition of “Hey Baby (Would You Be My Girl)” impressed all Mayfielders.

The next activity involved our personalities and directions. If you are direct and get things done, you went to the North group. East was a place for people who let their emotions dictate their thinking. People who try to include others and make sure feelings aren’t hurt went to the South, while the West group was full of students who constantly ask questions and care about details (I went North, but I’d like to think I’m a bit of South too). We then discussed our strengths and weaknesses and identified which other directions we work best with. This was actually a pretty cool activity because we learned how best to interact with people in our Mayfield that we might not know very well.

Lastly, we elected the members of the Mayfield Council. My friend Victoria is the Secretary of Alternative Financial Funding and I’m one of the Secretaries of Event Management! Tonight got me so pumped about the Mayfield next year that I almost just want to move in now!

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