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Welcome To Midterms

Posted by on Sunday, March 6, 2011 in Academics, College Life, General Information, Student Life.

My schedule this week? You don’t even want to know.

I’ll tell you anyways.

<–My planner……this week was horrible.

On Monday, I had 3 classes- Philosophy 105 (Ethics…currently reading Immanuel Kant’s Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals), Spanish 203 (Spanish Literature-just finished reading La Casa de Bernarda Alba, for all you spanish literature junkies out there), and English 118W (Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis-just watched The Searchers and read Hobomok).

In English, I had a group film presentation, and then had meetings from 5-8:30. At 8:30 I went to the Dodecs concert– it’s an all male acapella group, and a few of my friends are in it (they’re phenomenal…but so are the Melodores! A bunch of my fellow bloggers are Melodores)

After that, off to Biomedical Engineering Library until close at 12 AM, and then to Lupton Lounge in Branscomb to continue writing my English paper due Wednesday, and studying for my tests later in the week.

<– This is the place my friends and I like to sit in Biomed…the eating alcove, naturally. Snacks are essential when studying.

On Tuesday, I had HOD 1200 (Understanding Organizations), and had a quiz over 200 pages of reading. Then I gave a tour, and then headed to Baseball Glove Lounge to study. This is one of my favorite spots on campus-it is not too bright inside, and there are lots of tables with lamps. It is always silent, and if anyone makes noise, people look around and glare. This is my friend Cole making himself comfortable on the big baseball glove chair!

After studying for my upcoming tests, I had meetings- a meeting for Relay For Life, then a Kappa meeting, and then Sinai Scholars. Sinai Scholars is an group of Jewish students who are chosen each semester to continue their Jewish learning at college campuses around the country, and we learn about Judaism for two hours each week) I headed to Biomed Library after all of my meetings, and spent some quality time with my books.

My friends came to entertain me! –>

On Wednesday, I had HOD 1700 (Systematic Inquiry), then Philosophy 105, then Spanish 203. I went for a run to de-stress, and then hit the library until I had English. In English, we turned in our papers, and did a peer review. The way my professor sets up our class is that we do three drafts of our papers, in order to actually learn how to write in a way that college professors expect. I went to the library to study hardcore, because I had two midterms on Thursday…

Thursday: AHH. I took my HOD 1700 midterm- I had been studying for this for a week- so much memorization… I’m quite proud of my notecards actually. After that test, I had my Ethics test, over Immanuel Kant- my professor gives us 3 possible essay questions a few days before the test, and then chooses one. So after those exams were over, I had to go write a spanish essay due Friday, and pack……….but I didn’t care because I was FINALLYYYYY on spring break!!

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