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The Green Wagon

Posted by on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 in Academics, College Life, Freshman Life, General Information, Nashville, Student Life.

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to go to east Nashville with the members of my commons seminar. The seminar I’m taking this semester is called “Exploring Creative Lives”, and we’ve been discussing creativity and how it plays out into the lifestyles of people and here at Vanderbilt.

Last week, we visited The Green Wagon—an eco-friendly store that’s run by two Vanderbilt graduates.  We sat down with the couple, Jennifer Casale and Jonathan Rodgers, to discuss how the idea for the store came about, and how they live creatively.

It was really nice to be able to go off campus for a bit, and see what Vanderbilt graduates are doing with their lives. Both are on a path you might not expect—Jennifer majored in English and minored in History while at Vanderbilt, and also has an MFA in poetry, but is currently running a store centered around providing a multitude of earth friendly goods in a one-stop shop. Jonathan studied the cello at Vanderbilt, but currently helps with the store and also does a lot of photographic work and currently has an exhibit at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

Both discussed the opportunities at Vanderbilt, and how they shaped their creative lives. Overall, the discussion was really intriguing and informative and I learned a lot from these two young entrepreneurs. Our class is going to visit several other people living “creative lives” (including one this afternoon!), so I’m excited for the upcoming discussions.

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