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My New Favorite Subject: Neuroscience!

Posted by on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 in Academics, General Information, Speakers, Teachers.

This semester, I’m taking Neuroscience with Dr. Leslie Smith. I kind of enrolled on a whim, since the Cognitive Psychology class I wanted was full. Let me just go ahead and say that I’m now planning on majoring in Neuroscience; that’s how awesome it is.

Not only do I love the material, because it basically combines biology and psychology, but the class is so interesting in general. Dr. Smith begins every lesson with a video clip playing a song that somehow relates to the lecture. She presents the material in an engaging way and is a hilarious professor.

I decided to blog about this fascinating subject right now because I’ve been to a few lectures at the Medical Research Building about Neuroscience lately for extra credit. Today’s was about “Delight, Desire, and Dread;” basically that liking and wanting are two different emotions, but that wanting and fear could actually be linked. I also attended a lecture last week about Rett syndrome, which was a little over my head but it was still cool to learn about a disorder I had never heard of. Lastly, our class took a quiz for fun about which gender type our brain is. Men and women have trademark qualities associated with their genders, so we checked our characteristics specifically. I scored a 70, which makes sense when you read the key, because I’m more of a math/science person. My friend Aly however, scored a 110, which means she pretty much has the epitome of a female brain. I posted a picture of the quiz if anyone else wants to join in on the Neuro fun!

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