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“Five-year-old-habits” die hard

Posted by on Friday, February 18, 2011 in College Life, Extracurriculars, General Information, Nashville, Student Life, Weather.

Remember how simple life was when we were five? Wake up, go to school, play, eat lunch, tap a nap (oh, how I miss naps), eat again, play, go home, repeat. It was a simple life, an easy life, but now things are a little bit more complicated. The completion of pre-med requirements looming in the back of my mind, invites to social events flooding my facebook feed, and finding time to sleep and do homework after coming from work. It’s a juggling act, one that takes skill and time to master.

This balancing of a social life, academics, and sleeping can be particularly difficult during the winter months when the beauty and warmth of summer are absent. Hailing from Florida, I enjoy Nashville’s four seasons,instead my usual summer and inferno, but here the cold is sinister and wages psychological warfare on our minds. That may be/is an over-dramatization, but ask anyone and they’ll say they hear the cold whisper in their ears, “Stay inside, it’s better, it’s warmer there”. The voice of the cold was silenced this week with highs in the upper 60s. Winter is still here and spring is still far off, but it was nice to feel warmth again. When I looked out my window and saw people throwing footballs, playing soccer, sunbathing, and studying it felt as though nature was reminding me of my youth. “Remember how simple life was when you were five? Go now and live. Experience. Enjoy the weather, ride a bike, climb a tree”, Nature said. So that’s what I did. Life can be busy here, but we shouldn’t forget to make the most of the time we have. We’re only young once, right? Let’s enjoy it, climb a tree like a 5-year-old. Hanging upside-down in a magnolia tree outside of the Student Life Center, I concluded that five-year-old-habits don’t die hard, they just make surprise appearances on warm winter days.