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I Survived My First College Illness!

Posted by on Sunday, January 23, 2011 in College Life, Freshman Life, General Information, Health Care, Student Life.

Okay, so “illness” may sound a bit dramatic, but I did have the flu last week.

The downside of being in a sorority, I learned, is that germs spread extra fast. I heard about a bunch of girls in my pledge class having the flu on Monday, and by Tuesday, the chills set in. Of course, Tuesday is my busiest day, so I sat through two classes, three-hour lab, and a Commons Seminar before I realized why I felt so terrible. The next two and a half days were pretty much spent in bed, with the exception of a trip to the Zefross Student Health Center to get Tamiflu. I got to catch up on sleep, TV, and watch some of my favorite movies, like Fired Up! (probably my favorite movie of all time). Also, my friends were a great help, bringing me Sprite and Bagel Bites (my appetite was just fine). Even my friend from Belmont who has a car took me to see No Strings Attached (hilarious!) on Friday night, since I was so stir crazy by that point. Basically, this last week taught me that getting sick in college isn’t the end of the world, especially with the help of awesome friends and a few frantic phone calls to Mom :)

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