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Casino Night!

Posted by on Sunday, January 23, 2011 in College Life, Student Life.

Friday night was the VPB (Vanderbilt Programming Board) sponsored “Casino Night” in the Student Life Center. For all of us that wanted some good clean fun to partake in, the SLC ballroom hired a casino staff to run dozens of tables where students could play roulette, craps, backjack and texas hold ’em. They even had the back wall lined with slot machines!

While I had a great time just playing so many games, met some great people (not just undergrads, but grad, PhD and Medical students) what made the evening better were the prizes that were being raffled off. If you won a certain amount of chips over the evening, you could cash them out for tickets that you could, in turn, drop into buckets to win prizes such as: an Xbox 360 w/Kinect, PS3 console with sports package, Wii console with Wii sports, $100 Southwest gift card, $100 Gucci gift card, $50 dollar gift cards to many restaurants in the area and even BP gas cards, to name a few.

Who says school sponsored events can’t be fun?

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