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These Are a Few of My Favorite (Nashville) Things…

Posted by on Sunday, April 11, 2010 in College Life, Nashville, Student Life.


Hillsboro Village – A unique part of Nashville is located right outside Peabody campus. Resell clothing shops and bookstores, high quality boutiques, coffee shops, the popular Pancake Pantry – this is definitely an eclectic part of the city.  It’s the first place I took my parents when they first came to visit me during my first year at Vanderbilt.  A popular stop for Vandy students, the uniqueness is sure to win over out of town visitors too. A (very true) quote by a merchant from the Hillsboro Village website: “Customers can do their banking; have shoes repaired; fill a prescription; have hair cut or styled; buy jewelry, antiques, artwork, flowers, clothes, or gifts; have copies made; take in a movie or play; get a car repaired or fill it with gas; eat any and all meals; and get a passport. One can do all these things, and more, in buildings with real doors and real windows.”

Nashville weather – This might be a surprising add to the list for some students.  Here in Nashville we have our fair share of all four seasons.  As students we still experience cold winter weather (snowfall is not too common), but a beautiful spring and fall. Hailing from Ohio, the winter is much more mild but students from other regions of the country might feel differently.  Although walking to class in 30-degree weather is not always desirable, it makes the arrival of spring highly anticipated and much more appreciated.  There is nothing like a sunny day on Alumni Lawn to remind me how thankful I am to be a student at Vanderbilt.

Nashville Sports – There are a variety of varsity Vanderbilt sports to support, but if you want something different Nashville provides other options.  Vanderbilt students regularly support Nashville’s own professional football, hockey, or AAA baseball team.  I have yet to go to a Tennessee Titans game, but the stadium is a short ride away from campus.  Last spring I went to my first Nashville Sounds game – nothing beats cracking peanuts in a sunny ballpark on a Sunday.  Tickets are also just the right price for an excursion off campus.  This semester I attended my first Predators ice hockey game as a part of Vanderbilt programming.

Broadway & 2nd Avenue – There is no way to describe this part of Nashville and give it the justice it deserves. Restaurants, entertainment venues, nightclubs and bars – this downtown location attracts many tourists. Vandy students can be found downtown almost any night of the week, shopping, eating, or going out with friends (karaoke bars are always popular). Sororities and fraternities often rent out venues downtown for different events as well.  When I first visited Nashville I had my dad drive up and down Broadway three times on a Saturday night so I could take in the “Honky Tonk Hollywood” atmosphere.  If you get the chance to visit make sure to check it out.

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