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Rains of Spring

Posted by on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 in College Life, Freshman Life, Greek Life, Music, Student Life, Weather.

Rites of Spring was not ideal by anybody’s means…weather-wise. Apparently it has rained for the past two years leading up to this year’s Rites… Between cancellations of bands (yes Passion Pit cancelled on us because of sickness) and delays because of monsoon-like rain, it seemed like things were going to be a disaster. The show must go on… So yea we stood out in the light rain for a bit…wasn’t bad – it could have been much worse. For the most part everyone was comfortable while watching the bands. We all could tell the ground was wet, but Alumni lawn is sloped, so nobody really had any problems with messy puddles. We made due.

There were definitely some surprises this weekend –

Birdman showed up during Drake’s performance and we got to use our meal plan at vendors at the concert. How ideal is that? We all got to the concert and saw the plethora of pizza, hotdog, popcorn and other various food vendors and gave a wistful sigh, frustrated that we would have to use cash if we wanted to munch. False. I was impressed with Vandy’s togetherness this weekend. They thought ahead and conveniently set up booths to scan our meal plan card in exchange for tickets that were redeemable at the vendors around the concert. SO COOL.

Yes, Birdman. Gucci suits. Not much to say other than, “hey that was cool…haha look its Birdman.”

After the concert, the energy level on campus was CRAZY. It was essentially our last weekend before leaving, so a lot of people went out to frat row and enjoyed some time hanging out and dancing.