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1 More Year…

Posted by on Monday, April 26, 2010 in Academics, College Life, Nashville, Student Life.

I would like to expand on Seth’s point in his most recent post, asking the question, “Are we done already???” And would like to emphasize how much it is freaking me out too! Seth… just you wait… its going to start going by faster and faster and FASTER and before you know it, you will be in my shoes, going to your last three classes before you reach that super-scary “senior” status.

About twenty minutes ago I turned in my final ten-page evaluation and transfer paper for my Human Resource Development class and watched our teacher bid farewell to the seniors, handing them a “First-Aid kit” she made for their journey into the real world. Most of the items were small trinkets or candies, but they all symbolized something that we had learned in class or a piece of her advice for the real world. As all 12 seniors stood at the front of the room, I couldn’t help but imagine myself standing there in a short 12 months. And once again, it’s freaking me out!

“Dear Vanderbilt: Can I just stay forever? There are a lot of classes I’d love to take and fun Nashville things I want to do, and I think I need a say… 4 more years… to do it? Is that ok?” Those are the questions I want to ask of the school. Do you think they will let me stay as an undergrad? Well… yeah, I doubt it too; but it was worth a shot.

The past three years have absolutely flown by! And looking back I am realizing that the reason is because I have loved every minute of my time here! Well… not exactly every minute… there were definitely a few moments when I was in the library at 3 am or sorting out an argument with a friend when I might have just wanted to be back home in Winston-Salem, curled up in my own bed; but for the vast majority of the time, I have truly loved every moment here at Vanderbilt.

My mom was in town recently, and while driving by my freshman dorm, Branscomb (Yeah I’m that old, never lived in the Commons), she commented on how it was just yesterday that she was moving me in for my first year of college. Even for her the time has flown by.

So to all of you prospective and admitted students, whatever college you attend (even though I hope it is Vanderbilt!), enjoy every minute there; soak it all up; attend every event, happening, concert, speaker, friend’s birthday, road trip, lunch date, class, and sports game that you can. Because before you know it, you will be out in the real world.

Over the next year, that is the same challenge that I am holding myself too; and I hope that while I am soaking it all up, I can share with you all the wonders of Vanderbilt and how you can make your 4 years here (more if your lucky!), the best that they can be.

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