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Financial Aid Facts

Through Opportunity Vanderbilt, we make three important commitments to ensure that students from many different economics circumstances can enroll at Vanderbilt:

  1. Your ability to pay is not part of the admission decision. (For U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens only.)
  2. We meet 100% of your family's demonstrated financial.
  3. Your financial aid award will not include loans. Financial aid packages for undergraduate students include only grant assistance and a reasonable work expectation.

Our financial aid program does not involve income bands or income cutoffs that limit eligibility. 

Estimated cost of attendance for academic year 2020/2021:

Tuition $52,780
Housing $11,640
Meals $5,961
Books and Supplies $1,194
Student Services Fee $1,377
Personal Expenses $3,022
Travel Allowance Varies
Estimated Total $75,974
(plus travel)  
First-Year Fee $874
New Student Transcript Fee $100
Engineering Fee* $1,000
First-year Engineering Laptop Allowance* $1,600

Modest annual increases can be expected. Students should also allow for travel expenses and health insurance (if purchased through Vanderbilt).

*The Engineering Fee and Engineering Laptop Allowance apply to engineering students only. First-year engineering students are required to either purchase a laptop from Vanderbilt or provide their own computer that meets published requirements.

  • The amount of need-based scholarhip money awarded to a family is the difference between the amount a student and family are expected to pay toward college (expected family contribution) and the total cost of attendance.
  • The average need-based scholarship package for first-year students entering fall of 2018 included 97% gift aid and 3% work.
  • While loans are not included in need-based scholarship packages, under certain conditions and based upon individual family circumstances or desires, loans from federal and other sources may be made available to students upon their request to replace any work expectation in the award or to replace some portion of the expected family contribution.
  • Total amount of gift assistance, from all sources, awarded to first-year undergraduate students for the 2018/19 academic year: $42,769,819 (as of June 1, 2018).
  • In 2017/18, 66% of undergraduate students received some form of financial assistance.
  • The average financial aid package for 2017/18 among all undergraduates was $49,242.