Contact a Student

We hope that you will use the current students below as a source to help better connect you to the Vanderbilt experience. Find the tour guide who led your visit, a blogger from Inside 'Dores that you read regularly, or search to find a current student from your state or region and/or by school or major. Once you find a student who could serve as a good resource, we invite you to email him/her with any questions. 

22 students from the Class of 2021

Yiruo Xu

Josh Miller

Elizabeth Lansden

Phuong Ngo Ha

Cynthia Hong

Hitha Uday

Emily Vega

Josh Cho

Stephanie Greenfield

Carlota Martinez-Don

Qi Wang

Amy Chen

Camille Zou

Nolan Tanner

Jennie Reisman

Ludwik Huth

Danyi Chen

Jojo Zhou

Eve Zhou

Mia Kosowsky

Brooke Landry

Arjun Bansal