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Why Vanderbilt

I chose Vanderbilt primarily because of the community and type of student it attracts. Vanderbilt has one of the most diverse communities I have ever been a part of in terms of background, interest, and personal philosophy. Additionally, the day to day feel of the University and its tireless effort for self-improvement were also very appealing attributes.

Describe a favorite activity/organization and why you like it.

I love RUF(Reformed University Fellowship). While some just attend simply maintain a superficial religious connection, the grand majority of the members are superhuman. No matter the circumstances, RUF members relentlessly act compassionately and welcoming. They consistently demonstrate an encouraging demeanor and constantly work to help others. Their everyday actions is one aspect of my life at Vanderbilt that motivate me to be the best person I can be.

Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

My favorite class for this current semester is my physics class (Phys 2255: Modern Physics and the Quantum World). First, the professor is a total dream that tenaciously works to maximize our potential and ensure that our learning experience is as academically conducive and beneficial as possible. Second, the material is fascinating, and is a rare example of material that is profound enough to blow my mind.

Describe your experience becoming a part of the Vanderbilt community.

Becoming part of the Vanderbilt community was, for the most part, a seamless and enjoyable process. Many people are friendly and outgoing, and even those who are more reserved possess a kindness that makes connection effortless. Overall, I would not describe the process as me becoming a part of the Vanderbilt community but rather the Vanderbilt community unconditionally accepting me.

What are your favorite books?

1984-George Orwell

The Reason for God-Timothy Keller

The Captain Underpants novel series- Dav Pilkey

A Tale of Two Cities-Charles Dickens

Who are your favorite music artists?

Chance the Rapper

J Cole

Kendrick Lamar

Big & Rich

Frank Ocean

What are your favorite TV shows or Movies?

Forrest Gump


Inglorious Bastards

The Incredibles

Game of Thrones