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Why Vanderbilt

I feel that Vanderbilt students strive to build themselves up while building others up as well. I love how we value community, and people are constantly look out for one another. Whether it be in the academic setting or the social one, Vanderbilt has given us many resources to succeed. As a first year student, VUceptors. RA's, Faculty Head of Houses, and V squared mentors (for the school of engineering) have been crucial to making my transition to Vanderbilt extremely smooth, and I can definitely say that I feel like they really want to see me succeed, and they actively help me in doing so.

Describe a favorite activity or organization and why you like it.

My favorite organization is Next Steps Ambasadores, an organization where special education and general education students interact. My partner has given me new perspectives on innumerable topics; although he communicates his feelings and words in a non-mainstream way, he is as effective as anyone I know in conveying his messages. His positivity is infectious, and it has shown me that a good attitude is always possible even at the most disheartening times.

Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

My favorite class is my CS 1101 class. Initially, programming was the most difficult task I’d done, and I felt like a baby trying to walk before I had even learned what crawling meant. However, after my knowledge of the vocabulary and concepts accumulated, I began to enjoy my time in the class; I stopped viewing computers for what they provide on a graphic, surface level, and I began to see how a mixture of objects, methods, if/else, and for statements played off of each other to produce what we see on our screens.

Describe your most memorable Nashville or off-campus experience.

My favorite off campus experience is when I discovered my favorite restaurant. To be apart of the Next Steps Ambassadores program, you had to get fingerprinted at a location off of campus. My friends and I decided to uber together to the facility. After we were done with the process, we decided to walk around and look for restaraunts to eat at. We decided on the "Pfunky Griddle". It's now my favorite restaraunt. You can make your own pancakes: an unlimited amount for only 8 dollars. I love how its super college budget friendly, and it's really fun to sit around a griddle with all of your friends and make your own food. Although we weren't looking for something particularly exciting when we started to walk around after getting fingerprinted, we still found something extremely worthwhile, and it shows that Nashville truly has a lot of excitement to offer.

List some of your favorite books, movies, TV shows, or musical artists.

The Fosters, Switched at Birth, Young and Hungry, American Horror Story, New Girl