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Why Vanderbilt

I love Vanderbilt because of the people and the possibilities. My peers and professors are some of the most interesting, passionate people I've ever met and I've grown so much through interactions with them. The opportunities at Vanderbilt are equally incredible--and they're something for everyone, whether it's service, sports, music, or research. I've learned more about myself over the last 3 years here than I ever would have expected and I'm so grateful that I chose Vanderbilt.

Describe a favorite activity or organization and why you like it.

My favorite student organization is VUcept. VUceptors are orientation leaders and peer mentors for first-year students. Through VUcept, I've gotten to know over 40 first-year students through my orientation groups personally and help guide them through the social and academic transition from high school to college. Being a VUceptor has been transformative for me in helping me to grow into the role of a mentor for others.

Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

My favorite class I've taken at Vanderbilt was Politics of Health. In this health-humanities class, we discussed the social determinants of health and topics such as reproductive health, environmental health, and how race affects health outcomes. It broadened my view of healthcare in America and how underserved groups continue to experience unresolved disparities in access to healthcare.

Describe yourmost memorable Nashville or off-campus experience.

A couple friends and I love going to Art Crawls in Nashville! On the first Saturday of every month, several art galleries showcase art of different genres in Downtown Nashville, and visitors can hop from gallery to gallery to see all the art and meet the artists. It's a cool way to explore the arts and culture scene in Nashville and get to know the community outside of Vanderbilt.