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Why Vanderbilt
I visited a bunch of schools my senior year and I liked them fine, but when I visited Vandy it just felt different. Everyone I met was super nice and the environment felt really inclusive. I wanted to go to an academically rigorous school but I also wanted my school to be friendly and that is exactly what Vandy is for me.

Describe a favorite activity/organization and why you like it (2-3 sentences).
One of my favorite activities I have done at school is Alternative Spring Break. Dedicating my spring break to serving a community with a group of my peers has not only been very educational, but it has let me foster relationships with people I otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet.

Describe a favorite class and why you like it (2-3 sentences).
I loved a class I took on the sociology of education because it was my first introduction to sociology and it actually felt applicable to my life because having gone through the education system in the US, I could compare my experiences to the class material. The professor was also very engaging and the assignments weren't busy work.

Describe your most memorable Nashville/off-campus experience.
Predators games are so much fun! The energy in the arena and the die hard fans make it a very exciting experience.

Have you been involved in research at Vanderbilt?


How and when did you get involved?
A history professor of mine recommended I look into the Latin American Public Opinion Project in the middle of my second semester of freshman year. I looked it up, realized it was something I was interested in and scheduled a meeting with the professor leading the team I expressed my interest, was accepted, and I started my sophomore year.

Please provide a brief, lay-person description of your research, including the title of the project.
The Latin American Public Opinion Project conducts surveys in Latin American countries to better gauge the citizen's opinions on general quality of life, recent events and other topics. I do a variety of work for LAPOP, including auditing the surveys, translating documents into Spanish, writing reports about relevant events and other tasks.