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Why Vanderbilt

I fell in love with Vanderbilt the first time I visited because of the radiating happiness on campus. Now that I'm here, I'm happier than I've ever been before. I love that I have the freedom to explore all of my passions and the opportunity to learn from and research with world renowned professors. I found my second family and my new home here at Vandy.

Describe a favorite activity or organization and why you like it.

Through Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science (VSVS), I have the opportunity to teach science to local middle school students through lessons and experiments each week. I enjoy my visits so much because they remind me of why I love science and let me share my geeky, science knowledge with other people.

Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

Dr. Michael Bess's World War II class is my favorite class here at Vanderbilt. His class is taught in a nontraditional fashion in that he focuses on the moral dimensions of the war rather than specific dates and events, which allows people from all backgrounds and majors to enjoy his class. He has the amazing ability to set a serious, emotional tone in the class, and I look forward to his class every week because of how interesting his lectures are.

Describe your most memorable Nashville or off-campus experience.

One of my favorite memories in college so far has been going to the pedestrian bridge in Downtown Nashville with my friends at night. It's so peaceful and beautiful, and the view of the city is amazing.

List some of your favorite books, movies, TV shows, or musical artists.

Lean In, La La Land, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, This Is Us, Lauv