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Why Vanderbilt

I chose Vanderbilt because of the diversity of experiences available. There is such a holistic approach to being a student-your academic, extracurricular and social life are all emphasized and important.

Describe a favorite activity or organization and why you like it.

My favorite organization I'm a part of is Women in Business. While the professional development is valuable, I have found a community of driven and supportive women on campus that have become an essential resource for me.

Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

My favorite class has been a Medicine, Health & Society class called Death and Dying in America. The entire course was so different and engaging. It pushed me to think in ways I had not previously, and I still think about topics we discussed to this day.

Describe your most memorable Nashville or off-campus experience.

The NFL draft! It was held downtown on Broadway during my first year. I had so much fun with my friends going to the free concerts-plus my guilty pleasure is country music so I was thriving.