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Why Vanderbilt

I fell in love with the supportive atmosphere from the students and faculty. I think the people here make the Vanderbilt experience as great as it is.

Describe a favorite activity or organization and why you like it.

Not quite sure yet...but I'm excited to be a part of Tour Guides because I love talking about Vanderbilt!

Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

My English class this semester has been great because there are only 14 people in the class so we get to do a lot of small group discussion. Also, the teacher is super helpful and friendly, and just makes the class interesting so that you want to participate.

Describe your most memorable Nashville or off-campus experience.

I got to meet my roommate this summer at a concert in Nashville and spend the day with her! It was a great way to meet her before move-in so I felt like I already knew someone when I got to campus.