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Why Vanderbilt

For me, Vanderbilt was the perfect balance. It is big enough to offer me so many opportunities, but never so big that I feel like just a number. More importantly, it supports a culture of balance. I didn't want to spend 4 years in a library. I'm so grateful to be part of community that invests in learning beyond the classroom.

Describe a favorite activity or organization and why you like it.

One of my favorite organizations is VUcept. I love getting to work closely with the first-year students and share my experiences with them. My fellow VUceptors are some of the most inspiring people I've ever met.

Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

My favorite class so far has been Systematic Inquiry. The professor is so personable. The material is not only interesting but applicable to such a wide range of careers, I know it will be useful no matter what I end up doing.

List some of your favorite books, movies, TV shows, or musical artists.

The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, Queen

The Office, Orange is the New Black