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Why Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt was the first college I ever toured. From that day on, I always compared every other university I visited back to Vanderbilt in my mind. The immense resources, beautiful campus, dynamic city, and highly well-rounded/motivated students were incredibly attractive factors for me. I quickly realized I couldn't find that same blend anywhere else I looked. By the time May 1st came around my senior year, I knew Vandy was both my dream school and perfect fit.

Describe a favorite activity/organization and why you like it.

My favorite organization that I am apart of is Tour Guides itself! I cherish being able to share my deep love for this university with hundreds of guests every week. Vanderbilt's campus, culture, and curricula are all incredibly unique; getting to show others this fact totally reaffirms my own passion for being a student here.

Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

My favorite class I have taken at Vanderbilt is History of Islam. This course challenged me to think critically about a subject I knew very little about and exposed me to the many intricacies of this religion and its surrounding culture. It also inspired me to pursue a second degree in History because I enjoyed it so much.

Who are your favorite music artists?

The Smiths, Frank Ocean, Mac Demarco, Grizzly Bear, Amy Winehouse.

What are your favorite TV shows or Movies?

Arrested Development, Rick and Morty, The Office.

Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Interstellar.