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Why Vanderbilt
The people. Vanderbilt has an unparalleled culture of pushing yourself and your peers to be better humans, researchers, academics, and more. There is this constant magnetic pull towards becoming more well-rounded, and that’s very rare in top-ranking institutions.

Describe a favorite activity/organization and why you like it (2-3 sentences).
I love Dores for Israel (DFI) because of the inclusive environment that this organization provides. The culture in our campus Hillel is to foster student leaders, and through DFI I was able to find my niche: raising awareness about issues I’m passionate about while interacting with students of incredibly different backgrounds.

Describe a favorite class and why you like it (2-3 sentences).
So far, I’ve only taken the general education requirements for my engineering major, but this upcoming semester I’m taking Tai Chi and Qi Gong (ASIA 1682) and I’m very excited about this! It’s a one credit course that is rumored to be super relaxing and the instructor is great!

Describe your most memorable Nashville/off-campus experience.
Fido! I highly recommend visiting Fido at least once in your Nashville experience, because it’s the best food. By far.

List some of your favorite books, movies, TV shows, or musical artists.
Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of self development books, mostly the classics (Dale Carnegie, Power of Persuasion, The Art of Happiness, Atomic Habits). I am also a rom-com enthusiast, and TV show wise I LOVE Lucifer. Musicals are so much better than TV shows, though :)