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Why Vanderbilt

I came to Vanderbilt because out of all the undergraduate schools I auditioned for, Blair seemed to be the only one with both administration and students who could speak to the freedom of pursuing additional majors or minors in other areas in addition to the music major, which I was looking for because at the time I wanted to be pre-med. After a few semesters, I decided to commit fully to a music career, and the reason I didn't try to transfer to a conservatory is that I had met and continue to meet the most incredible people on this campus, and on so many different levels at that. I found community in my residence hall, in my classes (whether they were 200-person lectures or 15-person discussions), with my professors (who immediately dispelled the idea that college professors are scary and don't care about their students), in the student resources on campus, in my student organizations, with the administration (including Dean Beasley and Chancellor Zeppos who will stop to have a casual conversation if you run into him on campus), and also just with strangers who I happened to meet in a student center and just started talking to. I think the college experience is what sets you up for the rest of life and the people I've met (and the people you'll probably meet here) truly make me feel supported and there's nowhere else I'd rather be graduating from this spring.

 Describe a favorite activity or organization and why you like it.

My favorite event is an annual event that the Asian American Student Association puts on, called Lunar New Year Festival. It's basically a show highlighting performances from different origins and time periods (like Soran Bushi from Japan, or K-Pop from modern South Korea), and it's open for any student to participate! I love the chance to both share parts of my culture with my friends on campus and learn to appreciate the cultures of others through dancing together.

Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

Currently, my favorite class a music literature class called "Music in the Age of Beethoven and Schubert." Never in a million years did I think that a writing course would be my favorite class, but the professor, Dr. Douglas Shadle, is the most intelligent but also humorous professor I've ever had and he turns every hour-and-fifteen-minute class into an engaging discussion that just flies by. I love being in discussions where I feel that I am both contributing and learning from others, and the fun I have in this class motivates me to dive even deeper into the material.