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Commodore Recruitment Program

CoRPs - Commodore Recruitment Programs

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions depends on Vanderbilt alumni to help identify and recruit talented high school students from around the globe and share information about Vanderbilt. The more active our alumni, the farther the reach of the admissions office. As we continue to seek a diverse population of academically talented students, we invite you to join Commodore Recruitment Programs (CoRPs) in this exciting and important endeavor.

There are several ways to get involved with CoRPs: interviewing, college fairs, and speaking engagements. To learn more about these activities, scroll down and read about how to get involved. 

CoRPs Alumni Portal

CoRPs alumni interview report deadlines:
Early Decision I – November 23
Early Decision II – January 25
Regular Decision – February 22

CoRPs Interviewing

CoRPs Interviews allow students who have applied to Vanderbilt to meet with a Vanderbilt alumnus/a, and learn more about life and academics at Vanderbilt. Through CoRPs interviews the Office of Undergraduate Admissions reaches many more students in a one-on-one setting than would otherwise be possible. With highly selective admissions, adding a personalized perspective of Vanderbilt becomes even more important to our mission to recruit a highly diverse group of talented students. After each interview, the alumnus/a submits a report to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions which is added to the applicant's admission file. These reports are evaluative in nature and can be helpful in the admissions process.

CoRPs College Fairs

CoRPs members often represent Vanderbilt at local college fairs in their areas. Alumni find representing Vanderbilt at college fairs a fun way to stay connected to their alma mater and help the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Vanderbilt alumni are welcome to participate in CoRPs college fairs. Once you enroll as a volunteer for CoRPs, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will notify you by email throughout the year of opportunities. Alumni have the opportunity to accept or decline every invitation. Once you agree to attend the fair, the admissions office will mail you materials, detailed information about the event, and training information, so you are equipped to represent Vanderbilt.

CoRPs Speakers

CoRPS speaking engagements allow alumni to talk about their experiences at Vanderbilt University at various recruitment functions throughout the year. Vanderbilt alumni and parents of a current Vanderbilt student may participate in CoRPs speaking engagements. For example, each summer the Office of Undergraduate Admissions hosts the Vanderbilt Road Show, a 90-minute information session held in approximately 70 cities across the country for prospective students and their families. Vanderbilt also hosts receptions in cities around the world for admitted students in April. CoRPs members are invited to speak briefly about their experiences at Vanderbilt and to field questions.

Am I eligible to participate as a CoRPs Volunteer?

It is preferred for volunteers to hold undergraduate degrees, but alumni from graduate schools may register for the program knowing that they will be interacting with only undergraduate applicants.

To participate, a Vanderbilt alumnus/a must:

  • Enjoy meeting with prospective students from diverse backgrounds
  • Hold a degree from Vanderbilt University. Please note that the CoRPs Interviewing program is for applicants to undergraduate schools at Vanderbilt. Applicants for graduate programs may not participate in the CoRPs Interviewing program. We prefer that our alumni volunteers hold undergraduate degrees, but other Vanderbilt degree holders may join the program.
  • Be willing to receive emails from applicants to request interviews, and to correspond with these applicants via email in a professional and timely manner.
  • Be willing to receive emails from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions containing information about and invitations to assist at local college fairs, or at speaking engagements, and to respond to these invitations in a timely manner.
  • Want to share enthusiasm and love for Vanderbilt with others and be excited about representing Vanderbilt in a positive, honest light
  • Treat every prospective student with respect and sensitivity
  • Take the time to review the latest Vanderbilt information provided in training materials and on the Vanderbilt Admissions website
  • Abide by the following Volunteer Code of Conduct:

Volunteer Code of Conduct

  • I do not have a child applying to Vanderbilt during this admissions cycle.
  • I do not have a child who is a senior in high school.
  • I will keep all student information confidential, including the fact that a particular student is applying to Vanderbilt.
  • I will conduct every interview in a public space and NEVER in a private office or residence.
  • I enjoy meeting with prospective students from diverse backgrounds.
  • I will participate in online training and keep up to date with happenings at Vanderbilt through CoRPs newsletters and by visiting the Vanderbilt website.
  • I understand that if I fail to abide by the CoRPs Volunteer Code of Conduct, I may be prohibited from serving as a CoRPs volunteer.


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CoRPs is a partnership between the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Alumni Association.